Accrington Corporation Tramways

Owner Accrington Corporation
Opened 5th April 1886 (steam)
Operator (lessee) Accrington Corporation Steam Tramways Company
First electric route 2nd August 1907
Operator Accrington Corporation
Took over 20th September 1907 (ACSTCo) - steam engines, trailers and assets necessary to work Accrington Corporation-owned lines
Operator (under contract) ACSTCo (steam)
Last steam service 31st December 1907
Took over (operation)
28th September 1908 (Haslingden Corporation) - newly electrified line from Baxenden to Haslingden, later extended to Lockgate
Closed 6th January 1932
Length 7.02 miles (+ 2.9 miles in Haslingden)
Gauge 4ft 0ins

Button description Title (‘ACCRINGTON CORPORATION TRAMWAYS’) within a border, surrounding the municipal arms (a shield with printing cylinder, paper, shuttle etc.) with an oak branch crest, all above the motto: ‘INDUSTRY AND PRUDENCE CONQUER’.
Materials known Nickel
Button Line reference [113/1]

Comment Despite the name, 'Accrington Corporation Steam Tramways Company' was an independent company with no connection to Accrington Corporation, other than the usual leasing arrangements.

Although Accrington Corporation began introducing municipal motorbus services in 1928, it is believed that the undertaking was only re-named 'Accrington Corporation Transport' after the demise of the tramway. Tramcar staff would therefore always have worn uniforms bearing 'Accrington Corporation Tramways' buttons.