Haslingden Corporation Tramways

Owner Haslingden Corporation
Opened 27th August 1887 (steam) - in actuality an extension of the Accrington Corporation-owned line from Accrington to Baxenden
Operator (lessee) Accrington Corporation Steam Tramways Company
Took over 1st January 1908 (ACSTCo) - engines, trailers and assets necessary to work the corporation-owned lines
Operator Haslingden Corporation
Took over (operation) 1st January 1908 - Lockgate to Rawtensall section of the former ACSTCo, now owned by Rawtenstall Corporation
Last steam service September 1908 (some sources state the 5th September and some the 28th, though it may have been as late as the 20th October 1908)
Taken over (operation) September/October 1908 (Rawtenstall Corporation) - Lockgate to Rawtensall section of the former ACSTCo (the precise date appears not to have been recorded)
First electric service 28th September 1908
Operator (lessee) Accrington Corporation Tramways
Closed 30th April 1930
Length 2.9 miles
Gauge 4ft 0ins

Button description (28th September 1908 to 31st March 1930)
Title ('Accrington Corporation Tramways') in circlet, surrounding arms (shield with printing cylinder, paper, shuttle etc, surmounted by an oak branch and foliage), all above motto: ‘Industry and Prudence Conquer’
Materials known Brass; nickel
Button Line reference [113/1]

Button description (23rd July 1909 to 31st March 1930) Title (‘Rawtenstall Corporation Tramways’) within a border, surrounding arms (shield with cattle, wolf and woolpacks, stags and a cut-off hand, surmounted by a squirrel) all above motto: ‘Floret Qui Laborat’ (He who labours prospers)
Materials known Nickel; chrome
Button Line reference [114/57]

Comment Following Accrington's partial take-over of the ACSTCo in September 1907, steam services in Accrington, Haslingden and Rawtenstall continued to be operated by the company under a contract arrangement. This arrangement ceased on the 31st December 1907, with Haslingden and Rawtenstall corporations purchasing their share of the company and its assets the next day, and Haslingden taking over operation, including the Lockgate to Rawtenstall section acquired by Rawtenstall Corporation.

Haslingden Corporation staff working the steam services were not issued with uniforms (see link).

Following electrification, services were provided by Accrington Corporation (and later Rawtenstall). Whilst Haslingden Corporation certainly employed inspectors on its later bus services, there is no evidence to indicate that they operated on the tramway services.