Dumbarton Burgh and County Tramways

Owner Electric Supply Corporation Limited (the operating arm of Crompton and Company Limited)
20th February 1907 (electric)
Operator ESCL
Taken over 28th August 1907 (Dumbarton Burgh and County Tramways Company Limited, a new company in which the ESCL had a major stake)
Closed 3rd March 1928
Length 13.1miles
Gauge 4ft 7¾ins

Button description Plain with a scalloped rim
Materials known Brass; nickel; chrome
Button Line reference [None]

Comment DB&CTCo staff were certainly issued with uniforms (see link), and magnification of one photograph suggests that the buttons were probably plain with a scalloped rim, at least those that were used on the greatcoats. The material used on tramway company uniforms would either have been brass or nickel, the introduction of chroming plating (as a button material) taking place after the demise of the tramway.