Dublin and Blessington Steam Tramway

Owner Dublin and Blessington Steam Tramway Company
Opened 1st August 1888 (steam)
Operator Dublin and Blessington Steam Tramway Company
Took over (lessee) 1st May 1895 (Blessington and Poulaphouca Steam Tramway) - operation of the newly opened B&PSTCo line (initially by the B&PSTCo, but using D&BSTCo stock)
Taken over 1st January 1928 (Joint Committee of the Dublin and Wicklow County Councils and Dublin Corporation)
Withdrawn 30th September 1927 - services to Poulaphouca, following termination of the working arrangement and closure of the Poulaphouca line by the B&PSTCo
Closed 31st December 1932
Length 19.6 miles (including the B&PSTCo line)
Gauge 5ft 3ins

Button description Pattern of button currently unknown

Comments Although D&BSTCo conductors certainly wore uniforms (see link), marked buttons are yet to come to light, suggesting that they were either plain, or that they bore a monogram or initials of some description.