Dewsbury, Batley and Birstal Tramway

Owner Dewsbury, Batley and Birstal Tramway Company
Opened 25th July 1874 (horse)
Operator Dewsbury, Batley and Birstal Tramway Company
Steam introduced 10th April 1880
Last horse service 1881
Taken over (company) 24th February 1902 (control gained by the British Electric Traction Company Limited)
Taken over (track) 7th June 1905 (Batley Corporation [c2.4 miles], Birkenshaw UDC [0.01 miles], Birstall UDC [0.93 miles], Dewsbury Corporation [c0.6 miles] and Gomersal UDC [0.14 miles])
Operator BETCo
Last steam service circa 26th September 1905
Length 4.29 miles
Gauge 4ft 8½ins

Button description Uniforms not worn

Comment Numerous photographs of the DB&BT have survived, and all bar a single example show staff wearing informal attire. The exception shows a conductor wearing a kepi-style cap and a jacket (see link), which raises the possibility that a uniform jacket (bearing marked buttons) may have been issued for a short time. On the balance of the available evidence, however, it seems unlikely that marked buttons ever existed. New electric services commenced on the 28th September 1905, operated by the BETCo's local subsidiary, the Yorkshire (Woollen District) Electric Tramways Company (see link).