These web pages were initially created as a bit of fun aimed at sharing my modest collection of tramway operator uniform buttons with a wider audience of button collectors, as well as those with a general interest in tramways. However, thanks to the generosity of other collectors, who have provided me with numerous images of buttons (and badges) that I do not have in my own collection, the site has gradually grown beyond my original objectives into a full-blown tramway uniform (buttons; cap, collar, and epaulette badges; and licence badges) reference site.

Site layout and content
Given that I'm not a professional web designer, I've attempted to keep these pages fairly simple with intuitive navigation (please tell me if it isn't). There are five high-level pages in the site:

ABOUT - Introduction to the site (why, what, where), ie, this page!

ADDITIONS - A link to each new or amended entry added over the previous four months, listed in reverse chronological order

BUTTONS - A general explanation of the information provided about each tramway and the buttons it issued. The tramway themselves are arranged into five alphabetical categories, with each individual entry listed alphabetically within the relevant category.

UNIFORMS - Images of tramway uniforms, badges (cap, collar, epaulette) and licence badges, arranged into five alphabetical categories, with each tramway entry listed alphabetically within the relevant category.

RESOURCES - Further information on various aspects of tramways, uniforms, buttons and badges, including: references (books, journals and websites), key dates (a chronology of UK tramway development), button materials, and a page of as yet unidentified photographs (of tramway staff), or badges and of licence badges.

Contact me
If you have any questions about these buttons/badges/pages, suggestions for improvements, or if you see an error, please don't hesitate to contact me - just click on 'Contact me' at the bottom of each page.

Ashley Birch (High Peak, UK)

Stockport Corporation Electric Tramways