Shipley Tramways

Owner Joseph Speight
Opened 3rd (?) August 1882 (horse)
Operator Joseph Speight
Closed May 1883
Re-opened March (?) 1884 (horse)
Operator Maurice Jones
Closed 13th February 1885
Reopened July 1885? (horse)
Operator Bradford and District Steam Tramways Company
Closed September 1887
Reopened March 1888? (horse)
Operator Bradford and District Tramway Company
Closed 9th October 1891
Length 2.31 miles
Gauge 4ft 0ins

Button description Uniforms probably not worn

Photos of Shipley horse trams have not survived, so it is impossible to state whether or not uniforms were worn. Marked buttons have however not come to light, strongly suggesting that they never existed.