Highgate Hill Cable Tramway

Owner The Steep Grade Tramways and Works Company Ltd (assets owned by the Patent Cable Tramways Corporation Ltd)
29th May 1884 (cable)
Operator Highgate Hill Tramways Company
Closed 5th December 1892 (following an accident)
Taken over 14th August 1896 (Highgate Hill Tramways Ltd)
19th April 1897
Closed June (?) 1906 (following withdrawal of its 'Licence to Operate' by the Board of Trade)
Reopened ? 1906 (following renewal of its 'Licence to Operate')
Taken over
24th August 1909 (London County Council)
24th August 1909
Length 0.71 miles
Gauge 3ft 6ins

Button description
Pattern of button unknown

Comment Early photos suggest that conductors and drivers wore informal attire (see link), and it seems likely that this remained the situation during the later years of operation, though photographic evidence is far from conclusive.