Great Yarmouth Corporation Tramways

Owner Great Yarmouth Corporation
First electric route 20th June 1902
Operator Great Yarmouth Corporation
Took over 12th March 1905 (Yarmouth and Gorleston Tramways [horse])
Last horse service July? 1905
Closed 14th December 1933
Length 9.94 miles
Gauge 3ft 6ins

Button description Title (‘GREAT YARMOUTH CORPORATION TRAMWAYS’) within a border, surrounding the municipal arms (a shield bearing three composite beasts with the heads/torsos of lions and the tails of herrings
Materials known Brass; chrome
Button Line reference [113/78]

Comment The name of the municipal undertaking is thought to have been changed to Great Yarmouth Corporation Transport in the early 1930s; tramcars however always bore the legend Great Yarmouth Corporation Tramways, suggesting that the corporation was content to keep things as they were until the last trams finished running. It therefore seems likely that tramwaymen never wore uniforms bearing Great Yarmouth Corporation Transport buttons.