Hill of Howth Tramway

Owner Great Northern Railway Company of Ireland
Opened 17th June 1901 (electric)
Operator Great Northern Railway Company of Ireland
Nationalised (GNRI) 1st October 1953 - operated jointly by the Irish and British governments under the auspices of the Great Northern Railway Board
Taken over (ownership) 30th September 1958 (Coras Iompair Eireann) - following the dissolution of the GNRB
Closed 31st May 1959
Length 5.19 miles
Gauge 5ft 3ins

Button description Title (GREAT NORTHERN IRELAND’) within a border, surrounding a quartered shield incorporating the arms of Dublin, Londonderry, Enniskillen and Belfast
Materials known Brass, nickel, black horn
Button Line reference [None]

Comments Although the Hill of Howth Tramway was effectively nationalised in 1953, it is believed that this had no effect on uniform policy, so staff continued to wear GNR(I) uniforms. Following the dissolution of the GNRB, the HoH then passed into the hands of CIE (also government-owned); it is currently unclear whether this short period (8 months) led to a change in uniforms.