Halifax Corporation Tramways

Owner Halifax Corporation
Opened 9th June 1898 (electric)
Operator Halifax Corporation
Took over (operation) ? (0.73 miles of line owned by Queensbury UDC)
Took over (ownership) ? (0.73 miles of line owned by Queensbury UDC)
Closed 14th February 1939
Length 39.07 miles
Gauge 3ft 6ins

Button description Title ('Halifax Corporation Tramways') in circlet, surrounding the head of John the Baptist (with halo), inside a stylised border.
Materials known Brass; nickel; black horn
Button Line reference [113/32]

Comments The somewhat unexpected appearance of John the Baptist's head on the Halifax Coat of Arms stems from the legend that his head is buried there! Who knows whether the legend was born from the mistaken belief that 'Halifax' derived from 'holy' and 'face', or whether the legend was there beforehand and the name was conveniently made to fit the legend. Whatever the case, the name actually derives from the words 'holy' and 'flax' (field) and is attested as such in early records.