South Eastern Metropolitan Tramways

Although the South Eastern Metropolitan Tramways Company operated horse-drawn services on its short 2.5-mile line for roughly 12 years before its take-over by London County Council Tramways (in 1902), photographs are extremely scarce. It is therefore currently impossible to state whether or not the tramway men working these services wore uniforms or not.

For a history of the company, see 'London County Council Tramways Vol 1: South London' by E R Oakley; London Tramways History Group (1989).


Horse tram drivers and conductors
South Eastern Metropolitan Tramways horse tram
A South Eastern Metropolitan Tramways horsecar in the company's distinctive all-white livery, waits for a parade marking the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria to pass in Lewisham High Street on the 12th July 1897. It is unclear if any of those depicted are tramway employees, so although no uniforms are in evidence, this is far from conclusive. Photo courtesy of the Tramways and Light Railway Society, with thanks to David Voice.