Belfast and Ligoniel Tramway

The Belfast and Ligoniel Tramway Company was formed in 1892 to promote a tramway line northwestwards from the Belfast Street Tramways Company terminus on Crumlin Rd to Ligoniel. The B & LTCo quickly reached agreement with the BSTCo for the latter to build and operate the 1.5-mile, standard-gauge tramway under a lease arrangement, the first service commencing on the 24th April 1893.

As part of the agreement, the BSTCo had the right to purchase the B & LTCo at the end of the lease, which it did around August 1902.

The BSTCo subsequently passed into the hands of Belfast Corporation on the 1st January 1905, as a precursor to reconstruction for electric working. The last horse car service over former B & LTCo tracks is believed to have taken place on the 4th November 1905.

The tramway was worked for its entire existence by the Belfast Street Tramways Company; for information on BSTCo staff attire, please refer to the entry for that company (see link)

Further reading
For a history of the Belfast's horse tramways, see: 'The Belfast Street Tramways' by Alan T Newham, in the Tramway Review, Nos 78 (p163–178), 79 (p196-207) and 80 (p245-252); The Light Railway Transport League (1974).