Scarborough Tramways Company

Owner Scarborough Tramways Company (a subsidiary of Edmundson's Electricity Corporation)
Opened 6th May 1904 (electric)
Operator Scarborough Tramways Company
Taken over (company) January 1922 (a syndicate associated with Seaton's Yellow Motor Buses)
Taken over (company) 20th May 1924 (a local business family)
Taken over 30th September 1931 (Scarborough Corporation)
Closed 30th September 1931
Length 4.78 miles
Gauge 3ft 6ins

Button description Pattern of button currently unknown

Comments Although numerous photographs show staff wearing uniforms (see link), marked buttons have yet to come to light. The most likely explanation for this is that the buttons were either unmarked (i.e. they were plain) or alternatively, that they bore initials or a monogram of some kind, which is not easily identifiable as an issue of the STCo.

Edmundson's Electricity Corporation was also the parent company of the Urban Electric Supply Company, which owned and operated the small provincial tramway systems in Derbyshire (Glossop — see link) and Cornwall (Camborne/Redruth — see link).