Wigan Corporation Tramways

Owner Wigan Corporation
Took over (track) June? 1892 (Wigan and District Tramways Company [steam])
Operator (lessee) Wigan and District Tramways Company
Taken over (operation) 2nd September 1896 (Wigan and District Tramways Company - newly built line to Platt Bridge)
First electric route 25th January 1901 (3ft 6ins)
Operator Wigan Corporation
Taken over (track) May 1902 (Pemberton UDC - lines within Pemberton)
Took over 30th September 1902 (Wigan and District Tramways Company, including all leases held by the company)
Operator Wigan Corporation
Taken over (track) Early 1903 (Hindley UDC - lines within Hindley)
Operator (lessee) Wigan Corporation
Taken over (track) Summer 1903 (Ince UDC - lines within Ince)
Operator (lessee) Wigan Corporation
First standard gauge electric service 26th July 1904 (4ft 8½ins)
Last steam service 26th September 1904
Took over (operation) 21st October 1904 (Ashton-in-Makerfield UDC-owned portion of the newly built Ashton line)
Took over (track) 9th November 1904 (Pemberton UDC, following its absorption by Wigan Borough Council)
Last narrow gauge service 7th May 1925 (3ft 6ins)
Name changed circa 1926 (to Wigan Corporation Tramways and Motors)
Closed 28th March 1931
Length 24.83 miles
Gauge 3ft 6ins; 4ft 8½ins

Button description (Pattern 1) Title ('WIGAN CORPORATION TRAMWAYS') within a border, surrounding a depiction of Wigan Moot Hall
Materials known Brass; black horn
Button Line reference [114/75B]

Button description (Pattern 2)
Title (‘WIGAN CORPORATION TRAMWAYS’) within a border, surrounding the municipal arms (a shield bearing a three-towered castle), with a king crest and lion supporters, all above the motto: ‘ANCIENT AND LOYAL’
Materials known Brass; chrome; black horn
Button Line reference [114/75A]

Comments Pattern 2 is later of the two main patterns, as these arms were only granted on 28th April 1922. A variant of the Pattern 2 button also exists, which is much finer (lettering and device), but with no motto within the motto ribbon.

The municipal transport undertaking was formally renamed 'Wigan Corporation Transport' in 1931, after the demise of the tramway; tramcar staff would therefore only ever have been issued with uniforms bearing 'Wigan Corporation Tramways' insignia and buttons.