Photographs, badges and licences from unidentified systems
Tramway man No 66
Am Edwardian tramway conductor (Employee No 66). The buttons are plain with a scalloped rim, whilst the collar insignia appear to be '? & DT'. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a system which matches the uniform and the system initials. Author's Collection.

Tramways Motor Inspector
A 'Motor Inspector' from an unknown system — the photo is very difficult to date, but looks to have been taken around the time of the Great War, so could be from a tram or a bus operator. The grade was in fact rarely used by either, with Leicester City Tramways perhaps being the most notable exception, though the style of uniform is certainly not a match for that particular system. Author's Collection

Tramways Regulator badge Unknown
Tramways Regulator badge, probably Honk Kong Tramways — brass. With thanks to Stephen Howarth for the identification.

CUDC licences. These are reasonably common and almost certainly originate from an English or Welsh town of reasonable size (UDC = Urban District Council) — with thanks to the National Tramway Museum.

Unidentified Inspector badge — with thanks to Brian McGarrigle