Derby Corporation Tramways

Owner Derby Corporation
Took over 1st January 1899 (Derby Tramways Company [horse])
Operator Derby Tramways Company
Took over (operation) 1st November 1899 (horse tramway)
First electric route 27th July 1904
Last horse service 1st June 1907
Closed 2nd July 1934
Length 13.96 miles
Gauge 4ft 0ins

Button description Title (‘DERBY CORPORATION TRAMWAYS’) within a raised rim, surrounding the municipal arms (a stylised shield bearing a stag within palings)
Materials known Nickel; black horn
Button Line reference [113/25]

Comment The stylised shield is a cut down version of the arms of the City of Derby, the so-called 'buck in the park'. This actually depicts a stag at rest within palings and is supposedly derived from the badge of Richard II. The absence of the stag supporters, as well as the city's motto 'Industria Virtus et Fortitudo' (diligence, courage and strength), is explained by the fact that these were only granted in 1939, 5 years after the demise of the tramway.

It is unclear when the corporation undertaking was renamed 'Derby Corporation Transport', but probably after the demise of the trams. Trams, buses and trolleybuses simply carried 'Derby Corporation' rather than 'Tramways', 'Transport' or 'Motors'. Although there remains a possibility that tramwaymen were issued uniforms bearing only the Derby arms, currently there is no evidence whatsoever to support this.